[hsflinux] Compaq Presario V3000 Ubuntu 7.04 amd64 - Crash and no Sound

Daniel zhennian at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 29 21:50:53 EDT 2007

I purchased the license for a hsf driver as I'm overseas and
forced to used dial-up and sick of battling Vista annoyances.
The hsf modem driver installed fine, and the dialler is working
on an off, maybe one in five dial attempts, for others pppd
exists unexpectedly.
Once connected, the system freezes randomly, an ssh log on
another machine doesn't show any kernel log messages about the
freeze. The
freeze seems to be associated with heavy web traffic.
The laptop has Turion AMD64x2 processors and the modem is
Connexant with a HDA Nvidia MCP51 sound system.
The snd-hda-intel module never worked reliably in Ubuntu 7.04
before the modem driver was installed, now it appears to be
working but there is no
sound at all. As I'm writing on windows, I don't have access to
detailed info, but wondered if this is common, I noticed a
previous thread on amd64 crashes.
I'm using the latest drivers, installed from the
tar.gz file for x86_64.
Kind Regards,
Daniel Clark
  zhennian at fastmail.fm

http://www.fastmail.fm - Same, same, but different

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