[hsflinux] (no subject)

ghox at free.fr ghox at free.fr
Sun Jan 6 12:28:42 EST 2008

Hello ,

I encounter a problem with your HSF driver, wich cause a General Protection
Fault when i try to download a big file or load a big site.
I read your site and i saw that it could be due to the kernel stack wich is by
default at 8k, you propose to increase to 16k by using one of your kernel in
RPM, but they didnt work for me (at the boot I this message :request_module:
runaway loop modprobe binfmt-4c46).
So I tried to compile my own kernel with the source on your site
(	kernel- I pick the patch and apply it to
the kernel but it seems that he is made only for i386 architecture. Is it right
And of course I have an x86_64 architecture. I just look in the patch and it
didn't seems to be applicable to the x86_64 architecture. So is there a x86_64
patch ? Thanks in advance.

My config: Amd Athlon 3500 +
           Fedora 7

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