[hsflinux] Suspend/Resume still not implemented

Geoff geoff01 at syd.accsoft.com.au
Wed Mar 5 21:53:42 EST 2008

Does Linuxant have any intention of implementing suspend/resume functionality 
for their HSF modem driver? The last mention of this subject that I could 
find on the hsflinux mailing list was back in 2006 when a Linuxant 'Technical 
specialist' claimed that "Linuxant is working on improving suspend support 
for the driver..." (see 
http://www.linuxant.com/pipermail/hsflinux/2006q3/002023.html). Now, over one 
and a half years later, it's still not working.

Perhaps Linuxant should open source their driver, that way the code will be 
available to plenty of competent programmer who should be able to fix the 
problem. Alternatively, Linuxant could employ a programmer to do the job for 
them (now there's a radical notion).

Please, get your act together and do something about the ongoing long term 

Geoffrey Whaite

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