[hsflinux] Suspend/Resume still not implemented

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Thu Mar 6 12:01:17 EST 2008


the HSF driver does have a fully working suspend/resume functionality in 
the driver. We are aware that it's not perfect, it's still an ongoing 
project, when we find a flaw in the driver, we try to fix it. For all 
drivers, no matter the operating system, suspend/resume requires a lot 
of cooperation between the kernel and other devices on the system and a 
single and simple failure somewhere will prevent the complete operation. 
With the number of possible setups, both hardware and software, it is 
simply impossible to test all possibilities.

Making everything open source is not guarantee that it will work better. 
Even when using a vanilla kernel from http://www.kernel.org without any 
additional 3rd party kernel modules (i.e. a 100% open sourced kernel and 
drivers), it's rare that I can get suspend working on my machines 
properly unfortunately. We do the same as the kernel developers, we are 
always slowly improving the software in this regard.

Note that some of the suspend code which is close to the Linux kernel is 
open sourced in the driver. For example, when a generic package of the 
driver is installed, you can take a look at the 
/usr/lib/hsfmodem/modules/cnxthw*_common.c files on your system for the 
code related to that.


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Geoff wrote:
> Does Linuxant have any intention of implementing suspend/resume functionality 
> for their HSF modem driver? The last mention of this subject that I could 
> find on the hsflinux mailing list was back in 2006 when a Linuxant 'Technical 
> specialist' claimed that "Linuxant is working on improving suspend support 
> for the driver..." (see 
> http://www.linuxant.com/pipermail/hsflinux/2006q3/002023.html). Now, over one 
> and a half years later, it's still not working.
> Perhaps Linuxant should open source their driver, that way the code will be 
> available to plenty of competent programmer who should be able to fix the 
> problem. Alternatively, Linuxant could employ a programmer to do the job for 
> them (now there's a radical notion).
> Please, get your act together and do something about the ongoing long term 
> problem.
> Geoffrey Whaite
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