[hsflinux] modprobe PROBLEM! no soundcard with hsfhda

cosimo.guglielmucci cosimo.guglielmucci at poste.it
Sun Aug 17 12:17:36 EDT 2008

I'using Suse 11.0 with 2.9.25-11 with
and the linuxant driver has been tested with the
2.9.25-9-defaul /
I've installed the alsa-driver-linuxant-1.0.17-5 with other
alsa rpms at 1.0.17git20080730 and alsa firmware rpm showing

After installation and reboot system hang for more than 3
minutes on a modprobe failure.

When the system is up I've the HSF0 device linked by
/dev/modem but neither wvdialconf or hsfconfig found the modem: 

# hsfconfig 
Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version

If you need license keys, assistance or more information,
please go to:

When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".

Warning: existing driver modules found under:
Would you like to keep using them? [no] yes

Warning: no device detected by hsf driver - HDA modems may
require reboot

Note: HDA support not compiled in the driver

Note: kernel module snd-via82xx-modem overridden by hsfmc97via
Note: kernel module snd-intel8x0m overridden by hsfmc97ich
Note: kernel module snd-atiixp-modem overridden by hsfmc97ati

Reading from dmesg the following part regard hsfengine when
loaded by modprobe
Pid: 675, comm: modprobe Tainted: P        N
( #1)
EIP: 0060:[<f930dc0a>] EFLAGS: 00010282 CPU: 0
EIP is at hsfengine5660_+0x2d39/0x2e7f [hsfengine]
EAX: 00007000 EBX: 6e6b063f ECX: ff6e7000 EDX: ff6e7000
ESI: f5e0fbc4 EDI: f5e0fbc4 EBP: f5e0fbc4 ESP: f5e0fb5c
 DS: 007b ES: 007b FS: 00d8 GS: 0033 SS: 0068
Process modprobe (pid: 675, ti=f5e0e000 task=f64ad0e0
Stack: 00000000 6e55a180 c0100000 00000000 c0000000 70000000
00000022 00000000 
       00000000 c00f6bb0 ff6e7000 00000000 f90c8753 f90c8767
f90c876e f5e0faf6 
       00000000 f90c877c f90c8d30 00000000 00000000 deadaffe
f4fdaac0 f7810d80 
Call Trace:
Inexact backtrace:

 [<f9306060>] ? hsfengine1550_+0x70/0xb0 [hsfengine]
 [<f9305c8d>] ? hsfengine519_+0x1d/0x40 [hsfengine]
 [<f92df45a>] ? cnxthsf_ComCtrl_Open+0x6a/0x2e0 [hsfengine]
 [<f9042bb7>] ? cnxthsf_cnxt_serial_add+0x1e7/0x520 [hsfserial]
 [<c0113130>] ? machine_kexec+0x147/0x1017
 [<c0153700>] ? handle_IRQ_event+0x2a/0x5a
 [<c015457e>] ? handle_fasteoi_irq+0xa5/0xaf
 [<c0128ef1>] ? irq_exit+0x53/0x6b
 [<c01082cf>] ? do_IRQ+0x76/0x8b
 [<c01df64e>] ? radix_tree_lookup+0x3d/0x53
 [<c01e1657>] ? vsnprintf+0x3e6/0x41f
 [<f9042fb0>] ? cnxt_event_handler+0x0/0x340 [hsfserial]
 [<f91622c2>] ? cnxthwhda_probe+0x192/0x200 [hsfhda]
 [<f9162130>] ? cnxthwhda_probe+0x0/0x200 [hsfhda]
 [<f9118819>] ? conexant_init+0x6e/0xbc [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f911bd61>] ? snd_hda_build_controls+0x41/0x7e [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f911bba6>] ? azx_probe+0x91d/0x92c [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f9106e7f>] ? azx_get_response+0x0/0x1b6 [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f9106000>] ? azx_get_wallclock+0x0/0x10 [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f9106010>] ? azx_get_linkpos+0x0/0x14 [snd_hda_intel]
 [<f91069b7>] ? azx_power_notify+0x0/0x59 [snd_hda_intel]
 [<c01eb355>] ? pci_device_probe+0x39/0x59
 [<c024c315>] ? driver_probe_device+0xa0/0x136
 [<c024c406>] ? __driver_attach+0x5b/0x91
 [<c024bcf1>] ? bus_for_each_dev+0x36/0x5e
 [<c024c1ba>] ? driver_attach+0x14/0x16
 [<c024c3ab>] ? __driver_attach+0x0/0x91
 [<c024b6f6>] ? bus_add_driver+0x9d/0x1ba
 [<c024c57c>] ? driver_register+0x47/0xa7
 [<c01eb50c>] ? __pci_register_driver+0x35/0x61
 [<f8de5017>] ? alsa_card_azx_init+0x17/0x19 [snd_hda_intel]
 [<c01434d1>] ? sys_init_module+0x198b/0x1ab8
 [<f9080dbc>] ? snd_pcm_format_width+0x0/0x1d [snd_pcm]
 [<c010909a>] ? sys_mmap2+0x63/0x7b
 [<c01059e4>] ? sysenter_past_esp+0x6d/0xa9
Code: c7 c2 0f b5 17 40 89 ea 8b 55 c0 c7 c6 69 82 0a ad c7
c1 fb f1 67 6d 89 ef 81 f6 bd 9c ad bf c7 c6 d9 1e 2d 07 89
ee 31 d1 89 d1 <8a> 02 c7 c7 87 42 ee 77 81 e7 2f 09 00 93
c7 c1 73 d8 a3 c6 89 
EIP: [<f930dc0a>] hsfengine5660_+0x2d39/0x2e7f [hsfengine]
SS:ESP 0068:f5e0fb5c
---[ end trace d66cbc407dff5259 ]---

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