[hsflinux] Troubles with hsf driver

lexani at inbox.uz lexani at inbox.uz
Wed Jun 24 18:48:24 EDT 2009

My English is bad, so don't judge me hard ))
Ok, now I'll try to describe my problem.
I have a trouble with your hsf-modem driver on my Gentoo x86_64.
I'm using hsfmodem- driver and standard .ebuild from
portage tree.
When I installing the driver, there is no errors, but when I trying
to upload some big(1.6mb) files to internet file-servers, or when upload
speed more then ~3kb/s my system dies.
("dies" mean, that I can't use my mouse or keyboard, there are no replay
on manipulating. If, at this moment, my player is play something, it's
stop playing)
I tryed not to use X-server or browsers and upload files with wgetpaste
utility, but my system goes down anyway.
I'm using:
Gentoo x86_64
hsfmodem- driver
2.6.29-r4 kernel with standart gentoo-patches
openrc-0.4.3 booting system

P.S. part of log (/var/log/messeges, whitch was generated by syslog-ng)
file and /etc/make.conf in attache
P.P.S. Are there any developers, who speacking Russian?))
P.P.P.S. Really, there are lots of bugs whith your driver, but I described
the most annoying.

                                With best regards, Vlad!
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