[hsflinux] "Clicks" in handshake sound don't let modem to establish connection.

Jasmine jasmine.aura at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 8 12:35:46 EDT 2009

Interesting... I'm wondering, when you say "can't establish a
connection", is the modem actually dialing but not connecting, or is
not dialing (nor picking up dialtone) at all ?

Also, when you got "HDA support not compiled in the driver" after
running hsfconfig on your newly built kernel 2.6.30, did you notice
that your sound (via the in-kernel alsa driver) stopped working (since
hsfconfig loads its own modules which do not have HDA support)? Did you
notice any messages when trying to uninstall (or stopping manually or
during reboot/shutdown) via hsfconfig about being unable to unload

Can you upload the tarball of the "clicks" sound you mention?

The reason I'm asking all this is because I've had very similar issues
on Ubuntu, both on the 2.6.28 generic kernel, and on my custom built
2.6.30 kernel, both with built-in alsa and with the linuxant alsa
source deb package..

More details on that in the thread I posted recently on this mailing list, titled:

[hsflinux] latest hsfmodem ( breaks snd-hda-intel from latest alsa-driver-linuxant (



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Subject: [hsflinux] "Clicks" in handshake sound don't let modem to establish connection.
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Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 6:12 PM

 hi, i have a strange problem, after updating kernel (from 2.6.27 to 2.6.30) with in-kernel alsa i can't use modem driver anymore. With freshly installed gentoo-sources-2.6.30-r6 hsfconfig failed building modules with message: HDA support not compiled in the driver, so i decided switch off in-kernel alsa and to try out separate alsa-driver package (1.0.20) with patch from linuxant with improved support for Conexant chipsets and the HSF driver. All compiled ok. hsfconfig build modules. Modem works. But it can't establish connection due "clicks" in its signal. I have a record of it. The same version of driver works ok with gentoo-sources-2.6.27 (with in-kernel alsa) without any patching. I also have applied alsa-patch from linuxant to gentoo-sources-2.6.30-r6 to try it with in-kernel alsa (1.0.20). This works too but also with "clicks". 

I can send you dcprecord.tar.gz, it is about 300k. 
I tried same version ( of hsfmodem driver on both kernels.
Kernels have just the same configuration files.
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