[hsflinux] With alsa-driver-linuxant, pulseaudio doesn't connect to sound card

Thomas Hood jdthood at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 16:49:16 EST 2010

I have a ThinkPad X61 which has a HDA sound card and so-called ThinkPad 
56K Modem 
daughter card.  The latter's ID is 14F1:2BFA.  The modem including fax 
functionality works fine with the (full) alsa-driver-linuxant and 
hsfmodem drivers built for the latest Ubuntu Linux kernel 
(linux-image-generic-pae from these debs:


Unfortunately, with these drivers, pulseaudio doesn't connect to the 
sound card, so there is no audio... except of course when using the 
modem in which case one can hear the phone line.  With original ALSA 
drivers sound worked fine.

Any suggestions?  What additional information should I provide?
Thomas Hood

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