[hsflinux] HDA modem ComCtrlOpen failed (2049), hsfconfig doesn't see modem

Justin J. Snelgrove jj at stormlord.ca
Sun Jun 27 15:30:46 EDT 2010

After getting the HDA hsfmodem drivers compiled and installed properly,
I'm running into an error that seems to prevent hsfconfig from properly
detecting/configuring the modem.

The following shows up in my dmesg:
> cnxthsf_7800206x86_64full_cnxt_serial_add: ComCtrlOpen failed (2049)
> conexant_init: cnxthwhda_probe() failed: -19

>From a quick glance at the relevant code (in patch_conexant.c and
serial_cnxt.c), it looks like the first error is the actual problem
(causing the second error message), and is probably caused somewhere in
the binary blob portions of the driver.

Computer is a new Lenovo X201 ThinkPad. Some quick notes about the
OS/environment I use:
	-Gentoo amd64 (x86_64) -- mostly 'stable' packages
	-using kernel 2.6.34 with a couple patches (none of which touches the
sound or serial systems)
	-using (external) alsa-driver 1.0.23 patched with the proper hsfmodem
patch -- CONFIG_SND is enabled in the kernel, but nothing else sound-related
	-I did blacklist (for modprobe) the non-hsfhda-related modules I don't
need (to stop loading everything and the kitchen sink at every boot),
however the error occurred in exactly the same manner even when they
weren't blacklisted

Full hsfdiag.txt is gzipped and attached. I can provide any other
required information, and am willing to test patches, workarounds, or
other fixes to get this modem working. Hopefully it's something silly
like a non-obvious configuration error on my end, though.

Justin J. Snelgrove
jj at stormlord.ca
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