[riptide-announce] New riptide-0.5lnxtbeta03041600 linux driver release

Marc Boucher marc at mbsi.ca
Thu Apr 17 19:02:02 EDT 2003


A new experimental version of the open-source Conexant (Rockwell) RipTide
Audio/Communication Controller driver for Linux is now available from


This release includes support for RedHat 9, Mandrake 9.1,
and SuSE 8.2 kernels.  A few critical problems were also fixed.

Special thanks to Frederic.NYER at wanadoo.fr for his contributions.

The detailed list of changes is available below.

Please report any new or persisting problems.


PS: Archived copies of previous releases are available via a link
located at the bottom of the main download page.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.5lnxtbeta03041600.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* FAQ: major update.
	* makefile: added rule to sign rpm packages.
	* modules/rt_hw.c: RipTideSetFragment(): limit fragsize to
	MAX_FRAG_SIZE to prevent lockups when applications
	such as xmcd in CDDA playback mode request very large
	fragment sizes. (thanks to Frederic.NYER at wanadoo.fr)

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* Added pre-built binary packages for the following
	distributions/kernel versions:
		Mandrake 9.1 linux-2.4.21-0.13mdk
		Mandrake 9.0 linux-2.4.19-32mdk
		RedHat 9 linux-2.4.20-8 and -9
		RedHat 8.0 linux-2.4.18-27.8.0
		SuSE 8.2 2.4.20-4GB
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: updated.
	* modules/rp_cmdif.h: added parentheses to eliminate gcc warnings.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* modules/riptidem.c: comment-out code to obtain init_mm_ptr
	since it isn't used right now and causes problems under RedHat 9.
	* modules/linux.c: #include <linux/highmem.h> for kernels >= 2.4.
	This should solve the kmap_pagetable unresolved symbol problem.
	* modules/linux.c: changed sysObj->spinlock to sysObj->lock in
	init_spinlock() and release_spinlock(). Thanks to
	Jason Anderson for reporting this problem.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* modules/riptidem.c: incorporated bug fixes and changes
	by Frederic.NYER at wanadoo.fr:
	  - Can't change cd volume
		Line 408 should be "read = 1;"
	  - Setting video volume changes line volume
		Lines 455 and 460 should be "wId = MXMIX_VIDEO"
	  - Muting Rec Level mutes line
		Line 678 computes MXMUTE wId through "wId - MXMIX_MASTER +
		MXMUTE_MASTER" This works for any mixer input but
		MXMUX_MASTER which has a non adjacent ID
		I have added a mutewId variable which is computed earlier on.
	  - Can't set speaker (i.e. modem) volume
		It isn't linked to any mixer channed. (Actually, there is
		nothing to be done at line 372). I've linked it to MXMIX_PHONE
	  - Can't select video as record source (under kmix)
		This looks like a kmix bug. However, renaming video into line2
		makes it selectable.
		This affects the lines 140, 300, 452, 454, 457, 459, 509, 551,
		595, 652
	  - Mic and speaker should be mono
		I have added a mono variable which is set when dealing with
		speaker or mic.
		This variable makes the OSS left channel to be sent to both
		right and left hardware channels.
	  - Xine crashes at first startup
		This happens when it try to auto-probe the hardware
		capabilities. In fact, it issues a dsp ioctl
		(SNDCTL_DSP_GETODELAY) which is not implemented and which makes
		it crash.  I've added a 'printk' to be a bit more explicit
		about it. Also, the dsp ioctl handler is calling the mixer
		ioctl handler on unknown ioctl (Line 1739)... I found it
		strange and I removed it.

Wed Apr 16 2003 Marc Boucher
	* Now officially maintained and distributed by Linuxant.

Wed Dec 25 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02122500.

Wed Dec 25 2002 Marc Boucher
	* makefile: added Mandrake 9.0 linux-2.4.19-19mdk kernel.
	* makefile: added RedHat 2.4.18-19.7.x and 2.4.18-19.8.0 kernels.

Sun Nov 03 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02110301.

Sun Nov 03 2002 Marc Boucher
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: use gcc 3 to build modules for
	SuSE's 2.4.19-4GB kernel.

Sun Nov 03 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02110300.

Sun Nov 03 2002 Marc Boucher
	* makefile: added RedHat 2.4.18-17.7.x and 2.4.18-17.8.0 kernels.
	* makefile: added SuSE 2.4.19-4GB kernel.
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: use gcc 3 to build modules for
	RedHat's 2.4.18-17.8.0 kernel.
	* scripts/ripconfig.in: put module configuration in /etc/modules.d and
	run update-modules if present (for gentoo).

Fri Oct 11 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02101001.

Fri Oct 11 2002 Marc Boucher
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: use gcc 3 to build modules for
	RedHat's 2.4.18-14 kernel.

Thu Oct 10 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02101000.

Thu Oct 10 2002 Marc Boucher
	* makefile: added RedHat 8.0 linux-2.4.18-14 kernel.
	* makefile: added Mandrake 9.0 linux-2.4.19-16mdk kernel and
	removed obsolete SuSE 2.4.4-4GB kernel.
	* modules/kernelcompiler.sh: added gcc-2.96 (for Mandrake 9) and
	RPM_BUILD_ROOT support.

Sun Sep 29 2002 Marc Boucher
	* makefile: tardist: changed way tar.gz files are generated to
	avoid gzip "decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored" messages.

Wed Sep 18 2002 Marc Boucher
	* rt_hw.c:RipTideCreateChannel(): initialize pChannelInfo->sgdList
	to NULL. (Thanks to nokos at gmx.net for this fix)

Sun Sep 01 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.4mbsibeta02090100.

Sun Sep 01 2002 Marc Boucher
	* modules/riptidem.c: rt_poll(): finally implemented! Debug msgs gone.
	Driver should now work with desktop audio daemons, such as KDE's artsd.
	* modules/riptidem.c: rt_read_dsp(), rt_write_dsp(): don't sleep if
	* scripts/ripconfig.in: added extra /etc/modules.conf aliases for
	automatic devfs module loading.
	* makefile: added Mandrake 2.4.18-8.1mdk kernel.
	* makefile: added RedHat 2.4.9-34, 2.4.18-5, and 2.4.18-10 kernels.
	* Added modules/kernelcompiler.sh, a small script which tries
	to guess which compiler should be used to build kernel modules.
	* modules/common.mak: use kernelcompiler.sh to determine default CC
	* modules/common.mak, INSTALL: added notes about KERNELSRC for
	Debian 3.0 users.

Wed Jun 12 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Released riptide-0.3mbsibeta02061200.

Wed Jun 12 2002 Marc Boucher
	* scripts/ripconfig.in: dynamically allocate sound-slot-N alias names.
	* modules/rt_mdl.c: do not request_region() for hwIOSynth as it
	conflicts with opl3 module.
	* modules/: silenced some debugging messages.

Tue Jun 11 2002 Marc Boucher
	* Initial beta version (riptide-0.3mbsibeta02061100).

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