[riptide] Re: [hsflinux-announce] Linuxant releases significantly enhanced Conexant HCF and HSF drivers

Marc Boucher marc at linuxant.com
Mon Sep 8 17:54:37 EDT 2003

On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 10:36:20PM +0200, Daniel Caujolle-Bert wrote:
> > 
> > Because the scope of the project has grown beyond the capacity of a
> > single volunteer and legal issues prevent us from using a classic
> > open-source development model, the modem drivers are now available in
> > two editions: 
> > 
> > - a free version (limited to 14.4kbps data), available at no cost. Please
> > use it to test if your hardware is compatible.
> >  
> > - a full version (with 56K and FAX), available for a modest price.
> > 
> 	What a shame. Now that many people helps, report problems, send
> patches, etc... they have to pay (even modest) to use a non limited
> version of the driver. Nice to see were proprietary drivers can go...

We tried the totally free approach and unfortunately it didn't work in
this case. Because the modules are not entirely open-source
due to legal restrictions, people barely sent any patches,
instead mostly floading my personal mailbox with requests for
improvements. So we ended up having to do all development;
which is very costly and can only continue if we can pay salaries.


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