[riptide] Re: [hsflinux] Re: [hcflinux] Re: [hsflinux-announce] Linuxant releasessignificantly enhanced Conexant HCF and HSF drivers

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Sep 9 08:24:02 EDT 2003

Marc Boucher wrote:

> So let's acknowledge and reward the participation of dedicated beta testers
> by extending the same free license policy to everyone who has in the past
> posted to the lists more than 10 times (listed above) or been thanked for a
> bug report in the CHANGES file.

Many thanks Marc. I would personally never have asked for a freebie - 
you helped me out of a hell of a spot around 15 months ago, and I've 
never forgotten it. I'm still using the same Compaq EA700 machine (new 
kernel, new HSF driver) and am utterly dependent on my HSF modem (no 
ADSL possible in my district in Holland).

Your offer makes me mindful of the possibility of sending a contribution :)

Best and renewed thanks,


Tony Earnshaw

Looking backwards is always easy with hindsight

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