[riptide] Re: [hcflinux] Re: [hsflinux-announce] Linuxant releasessignificantlyenhanced Conexant HCF and HSF drivers

Angus Auld angusauld at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 10 10:00:44 EDT 2003

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From: Marc Boucher <marc at linuxant.com>

>So let's acknowledge and reward the participation of dedicated beta testers
>by extending the same free license policy to everyone who has in the past
>posted to the lists more than 10 times (listed above) or been thanked for a
>bug report in the CHANGES file.


Marc, thanks so much to you and all of those who made this linux driver a 
If I have contributed, in an ever so tiny way to helping that process, then 
I am indeed
happy that I could do so. I am very appreciative of the kind offer of a 
license, and graciously accept your offer.

Thanks again for all of your assistance, and the job well done....and the 
license. :-)
Best regards.

--Angus Auld
angusauld at hotmail.com

"We are all One, One Energy, from One Light. Let us band together as Humans, 
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