[riptide] Problems with Quake III Arena

Michael Bartlett me at mydigitalself.net
Mon Dec 22 15:09:59 EST 2003

Sorry all, posted to perhaps the wrong list the first time!

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Hi all,

Difficult one this as Loki no longer exists! I blew the dust of my Q3A over
the weekend and got it up and running on my Linux box. I've got my HSF-based
sound card working just fine under normal conditions, but when I play Q3A,
as the game starts the sound card makes some random popping noise and then
never runs. The Q3A console reports "system sound is muted" for some reason.
I see on the web page that there was feature regarding "direct access
interface" and I was wondering if that was a problem like that at all
considering XMMS runs just fine, but Q3A doesn't?

If you have any suggestions to help me, that would be great,


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