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It is great to see a group of people, such as yourselves, pulling together to bring Linux forward! Regards,

Jacques Beyers

You are to be congratulated for performing an immense service to linux users. Merci mille fois pour votre assistance. Best product I have used from anyone in a long time.

Martin Yazdzik

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful compatibility layer. Cheers from Northwestern U. and Motorola, Inc. Best Regards,

Mark D.

Thanks for the reply These drivers are fantastic - I can finally sleep and download at night with my laptop :) Cheers

Daniel Foster (Australia)

Just a note to say thanks. Once I found your site and the file I needed everything went great. The driver works fantastic. Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your fine work. Regards,

Joe Manekja

YOU GUYS KICK ASS :) I will be purchasing a license after my test period and telling all my geek friends about your product. NICE WORK.

Thomas Polliard

My father decided to switch to RedHat Linux. Things were looking tense when we couldn't get his modem working. Your driver was just what we needed! Thank you

Eric Connolly

I was disheartened when I found out my new Dell D600's wireless wouldnt work under linux. I found the linuxant site by searching mailing lists and gave the driverloader a try. All I can say is WOW! Since I'm running Fedora I grabbed the generic, build on the fly rpm. It installed fine, compiled, gave me the option quickly about licensing it. Once I applied the 30 day trial I was up and chugging along with no issues. Tonight I installed a test kernel and reinstalled the driver, compliled flawlessly and I was up and going in minutes. Talk about being impressed. After that, I went and registered the full version. Great work guys, things like this really showcase the hard work of the Linux Community and the power of open source. I know many people think all things linux should be free as in beer rather than free as in speech, but all the work isnt necessarily free as in beer. Keep up the good work, I'm proud to be a supporter of this project. Thanks for the driver!

Daniel Powell

thank you! and thanks for a really cool product (driverloader)...

John Romkey

I got your earlier beta of the Conexant drivers to compile and work flawlessly on Mandrake 9.1 (using the rpm --rebuild instructions you provided). Now I see you have added RH 9 support. This is terrific! I have an Aopen winmodem, and your stuff works great on Mdk 9.1 - I look forward to getting it working in RH. Thanks for making this available. (Seriously - I can't get my external USR 56k Sportster to work, but now my internal winmodem is just flawless. Great, great great! :-)

Jon Mechling

Hello, Just wanted to say a big thanks for the continuted development of the Riptide audio driver. Just installed it and works great! This is in contrast to the driver pre Linuxant intervention. My CD music would toggle between the left and right channels before, now it works perfectly. Can't thank you and your talented people enough. Kudos,

Tom Nielsen

The last released driver solved my problem and I am now connected to the internet, I am very happy, thank you very much, best regards

Kamil Coskun

I'd just like to thank you folk for making your Driverloader module available direct to the general public, at such a reasonable price. I recently decided to set up a 802.11g wireless network and was in despair trying to find devices with *any* Linux support. Needless to say, my local computer hardware stores were less than useless in providing any help whatsoever. At last I was pointed to your web site, downloaded a 30 day trial license, and all sprang into life. Been running for 30 days now, and have purchased the full licenses. Good software, well presented, and a doddle to install and use. Thanks again

Nigel Titley (London, UK)

Wow, this is what I call customer service. I unziped the drivers, uploaded them with the configuration web interface and my 5410 sprang to life filling the air with 2.4GHz/100MBps of networking nirvana. I have just plunked down my credit card and purchased a license for your driverloader product. Thanks,

Tom Hui

To the Folks at Linuxant: I've been using your Intel wifi driver solution for a week or so and I just had to email you to say thank you for the effort. You have added immense value to my operation by allowing me to roam around the office and stay in my preferred, non-MS environment. I'll be visiting your retail site momentarily... Cheers,

Bruce Jamieson (Port Moody, BC Canada)

Hi, Wanted to take a moment and say "awesome"! I hope to see you folks expand into other free operating systems (NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc) and other devices (scanners, digital cameras, PC card controllers, other funky nick-nacks I can't think of right now). It's nice to see people making things work together, even if they're fighting the flow. I've junked laptops that I couldn't get to work with Linux. Cheers,

Scott Walters

Hi! I am a Linux Beginner and installed the SuSE-Linux 8.2 version on my system a couple of days ago. At first my HCFPCI-modem (bought the computer system from Gateway 3 years ago...) did not work - of course there were no drivers installed as Linux could not identify the modem during installation. I did not expect at all that it would be possible to get the modem working, especially as SuSE does not support so called "winmodems". Anyway thanks to the devicemanager in win98 I knew that Conexant was the manufacturer. To make a long story short: I found your website , downloaded "hcfpcimodem-0.99lnxtbeta03042700k2.4.20_4GB-1suse.i586.rpm" and installed it successfully !!!! Juhu ! The modem works brilliantly and I am really happy that you also support the Linux operating system. so once again: thank you very much and have a nice day greetings from Germany

Hans-Peter Muller

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for supporting Linux. The modem in my Compaq Presario 2135US, using the M5457 controller, now works great. The installation was a very pleasant experience (using the rpm for RH9.0). Thank you again. Best regards,

Serban Popescu

I have only four words to say about the Linuxant Broadcom driver: HOLY SH*T, IT WORKS!

Bryan Field-Elliot

Hi, This is a note of thanks from a Linux newbie, running RedHat 8.0. With less than a week's experience, I managed to copy the generic Conexant driver over from Windows, install it and get online! They said it couldn't be done (well, Linux for Dummies did) and they were wrong! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Love and Light,

David Mikhael

Hi all, I downloaded the latest version of hsflinmodem (hsflinmodem-5.03.27lnxtbeta03042700k2.4.18_27.8.0-1rh) the other day, and installed it. It works great, no more picking up the phone before dialing, or other funnies. Connects first time, every time so far. Thanks for a great product!

Nicki de Wet (South Africa)

Hi, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for providing the drivers for these modems. These have been an absolute saviour for me! I have used Mandrake 9 and more recently Red hat 9 at home so it is important to me to be able to use a dial-up connection. For example, even though I have all the packages for Ximian desktop 2 on CD it still needs to connect to the Ximian site to check for dependencies or something... So I can't install it without your drivers! So I have just downloaded the Red Hat 9 drivers for HSF modems and will be installing tonight. So a big THANK YOU for all responsible for the drivers and those who sponsor your work!!!! Regards

Aaron Symes (Australia)

hello I want to say you thanks for your works I just use your generic drive hcflinmodem for mandrak for an olitec modem pci and ,it works very nice thanks and good works a++

Cereve (France)

Thanks. We had a very successful InstallFest. Thanks also for your excellent work with the Linuxant modem drivers. Regards,

David Moore (New Zealand)

Congrads on setting one of the best and organized sites for linux. I am very impressed by the information you provided here.


Just set up my Vaio with woody, sarge and libranet running the modem very nicely indeed. Your instructions were perfect, the scripts worked great. If everything went this well ... I'd be bored, but the rest of the universe would be using linux! Great work. Thanks.

Dave North

Ouahou !!! This release works fine for my HP Ze 4200 !!! My conexant modem works so good !!! Thank you to all!

Guenole Le Gurudec



Thanks for the material you have provided on this site. I have sucessfully installed hcfpcimodem-0.99lnxtbeta03042700.tar.gz upon a Compaq Presario 1500 Note book running Red Hat 9. The internal Modem is: Conexant Intl HSFi V92 MiniPCI Modem. The modem was detected straight away and successfully dials and maintains a solid dial up connection. Regards

Andrew Rasdell

I just wanted to drop u guys a line saying THANX a lot for the conexant drivers for linux. as a linux newbie, I almost gave up linux b/c I would have had to buy a new modem to use the internet under linux. But no longer, so again, thank you, and good luck!!!

Tony Shaver

dear sir/mam, THANK YOU very much. U have solved my problem. I am very greatfull if I have any more problem I will email u. thankyou for your support. takecare ! !

Nashi Mukhtar

Hi, Just a message to say thanks to all those at Linuxant. Just installed one of your HSF drivers on SuSE 8.1. It's working well and I'm very pleased. Install was straightforward. I have a cheap PCI modem sold under the brand Xmodem. It uses the Rockwell Chipset: DM-56V14HSF Thanks once again,

Alan Hills (UK)

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply - I downloaded the new rpm today and it worked like a champ. I am planning on buying the license for the full version. I was impressed how quickly you turned the new rpms! Thanks and regards,

Philip Rostron

well done to you all. Excellent site, very useful, many thanks

Rhydian Lewis

Just writing to say thanks - a year ago, when I started using Linux, I had to give Staples $100 for a U.S. Robotics modem. With a little savvy (like knowing where to look), you saved me $93 - taxes being what they are on Long Island. So Thanks, A satisfied customer,

Mike Rock

hi, thanks a lot. it did work . I type "/dev/modem" and as you told me. without help of you I won't be able to fix it. you're FAQ section also help me a lot. I personally like to thank you for your assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amila Jayatissa

Hello, I just registered on free trial on DriverLoader(Broadcom), and tried the driver on Buffalo WLI-CB-AG54 card. This card is based on BROADCOM Tripleband(802.11a/b/g)chip, and it worked without any problem! I want to Thank you so much for your great work, and also notify this WLI-CB-AG54 card works so you can add it to the compatible list. I tried on 11M and 54M (11g) mode, and both mode was okay. [...] Once again, Thank you so much for the driver. Best regards,


You're a genius!! It's working perfectly. Have plugged out the network cable, brought down the network card, and it's doing perfectly on wireless. I owe you big time for this. -- later,

John Madden (Ireland)

Many thanks for a smooth process, my modem now up and running. Keep up the excellent work. Regards

David Bell (Hatherleigh Devon, UK)

Thank you for such a good product, works very well running SuSE 8.2. sincerely

Jon Fox

Thanks, You Rock!

Simon Vans-Colina

The last couple of days has been hell for me, because I thought that I was stuck with Win XP, when I had to access the wireless lan. But thanks to you I can carry on in linux. You guys are life-savers! Nice smooth instalation. Everything went perfect! Its really great! I am truly gratefull! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I cant say it enough times.

Thomas Rune Korsgaard (Danemark)

Proprietary software that works the first time you try it and integrates with Linux flawlessly. I am impressed. Thanks for this software. When I get some money, I think it'll be spent on a DriverLoader license. Regards,

Juerd (Netherlands)

I just wanted to take the time to thank Linuxant for dedicating their time and effort into making life easier for all of us Linux users. Having a working Winmodem in Linux is one giant leap towards moving away from that assine, monopolistic, bullshit company that will forever remain nameless. I've been using your drivers for over a year now (RH8, RH9, FC1) and decided to purchase the full version to support your work even tho I am going with wireless DSL in less than a week. I am basing what router and pc card to buy from your chipset compatability list to try and minimize compatability problems. Thanks again and you can expect another license purchase soon.

Jon Grosshart

wow, driverloader is really a excellent solution I am thinking about writing a article about it for a dutch linux magazine, i'll let you guys know ;) keep up the good work!



Bruce N

Thank you!! DriverLoader is working great.

W. Chris Shank

FYI - Performance using the native Windows drivers with Driverloader far exceeds that of the acx100 driver.

Fred Wells

What a wonderful product! I thought I was sunk when I read everywhere that my Broadcom-based wireless PCI card (Microsoft MN-730) wasn't supported on Linux. But using your product it took me less than 15 minutes to get my Linux system up on my WLAN! Thanks again for making it available, and for such a reasonable price.

Michael Kairys, SL Corporation Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thanks..!! Works perfectly.. I will be back later for a couple more.. Satisfied customer

Jim Hora

Just writing to say that Driverloader is a great program. I'd been trying to setup my internet connection for the past week with no progress. With driverloader it took me about five minutes. Definitely worth the $20.

Matt Carey

Hi Guys, Just to let you know that your driver has done the business for me. Many Thanks!!! Kind regards

Karl Day (New Zealand)

thanks so much!! It works!!! driverloader-1.38 is doing a hell of a job. The only thing I now have to worry about is my XP ;-))))

Alexander Mullally (Germany)

This is truly an excellent piece of work.

Tom Moran

Dear Linuxant, I recently purchased a new Toshiba "Centrino" laptop, model M35-S359 and before I even installed Linux I had reconciled myself to purchasing a PCMCIA wireless LAN card and struggling endlessly getting working. Someone in a web forum recommended your software, so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, your wireless LAN driver for the Centrino works perfectly on my Toshiba laptop. I downloaded the trial version, saw how well it worked, and then immediately ordered a permanent key. A lot is made about Open Source, and it is important, but frankly, I've spent so many hours in the past trying to get Linux hardware and software working that paying $19.95 for your expertise is a genuine bargain. Thanks again,

David McCulloch (Tampa, Florida)

I have to say I am very impressed with the Linuxant driver. Finally getting Super-G/108Mbps mode running under Linux is great. I have been spending the day beating it up and testing it for reliability and speed.. I will purchase the driver for my own use and begin recommending it for business use at my company and my customers.

Christopher Gaul

es funktioniert !!!! Einen besseren Service kann man sich ja garnicht vorstellen !! VIELEN VIELEN DANK NOCHMAL !!!

Gregor Nebgen (Germany)

I would just like to say a big thank you for a company finally implementing something like driverloader.. I certainly don't mind paying for something when it works properly. You've saved me a load of time and effort. Once again thanks.

Adam Charrett



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