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Advanced installer options

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The installer was created using makeself and accepts all options supported by makeself. Please run sh --help for more information.

The setup script also supports the following additional options:

--tty Use the terminal version of the installer. If you do not have a supported web browser installed, the terminal version will be automatically started.

Example: sh -- --tty

--browser <name> Use a specific web browser to do the installation. If the requested browser is not installed or cannot be started, the installer will abort. The list of supported browsers is:
  • firefox
  • mozilla
  • netscape
  • konqueror
  • opera

Example: sh -- --browser konqueror

--proxy Prompt in terminal for a proxy URL through which to access the web. Alternatively, you may specify the proxy URL in the http_proxy environment variable.

Example: sh -- --proxy


User comment:

Hello, I just registered on free trial on DriverLoader(Broadcom), and tried the driver on Buffalo WLI-CB-AG54 card. This card is based on BROADCOM Tripleband(802.11a/b/g)chip, and it worked without any problem! I want to Thank you so much for your great work, and also notify this WLI-CB-AG54 card works so you can add it to the compatible list. I tried on 11M and 54M (11g) mode, and both mode was okay. [...] Once again, Thank you so much for the driver. Best regards,


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