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DriverLoader (Wireless LAN) downloads for Fedora 10 x86 kernels

Please choose only the packages matching your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

If your exact kernel version is not listed, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest available kernel for your distribution. If you are using a custom (self-compiled) kernel, or the package does not work, you can try one of the generic packages with source instead.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum) 337K e869193c8a2df22cd3d18b22c94ba283 337K e8ca6a93ce241561fadea50c3c2b88c9 337K 0aeb54b4397e8693645d51cb28ac3228 337K 9c58459f5478b7d94ef8920ce1628bf4 337K 6bfdf337fc7a86e4a08c90175061f2ae 337K 013c8c1c23fab2bdc89b674a1bc29219 337K 21b8e0c9fef2750dae142fc50aeb689f 336K dd4bada97220e92c3ab26e81e0da1c97 337K 0b2797d4fc5579108c7f831bd342dda8 336K 85745bd8b6c89c0037ba6258f47a8ac4 337K e80e7f5676acb1425a17654929af2fb8 336K b40addaa0dbfbbc03028ce2699e79c0f 337K 6254c9f6b49afd4fb3470247f23794d7 337K 38f5ddfb9346ab0551b0531ad11aa35a 336K ce88589b13ce9e95aeca738f92f7dc30 337K 88f9a30980939a67b920fef93aece7e0 337K 63f0fd26a29bfa0ad479f444aa3bd8ea 337K 24a97f2e08c47f2a45e1dcb1b18368ed 337K 7089354b5523fdc8640614b90c859b10 337K f60c4331093ed43c6b0a20f9f31ab943 337K baf68b419cd5f45d150bbc3c9ace0aab 337K 263dcc0cf4e72ebe4d6b1057e5901212 337K 10bd7cf494b7041e660942e6eaeb6ba8 337K bdfcddeb4dc4014ae1b3685c55d595e3 337K b9e2ccca2802f2bfb51552649d280fbb 337K ad492d97c80889bbc4fd0a881418a8af 337K 0103d2fe5c50387660be7e0d23eaa07c 337K c562836bb37f5012417cb8cc2eac718e


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