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Replacement Fedora Core 2 i686 kernels with 16K stack size

Please choose the package most closely matching your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

The default stack size in original Fedora Core 2 kernels is only 4K. Because some Windows drivers require at least 12K of stack to operate properly, we recommend using a kernel with a larger stack size if you experience problems or crashes. You can either rebuild your own custom kernel, or install one of the "stk16" kernels below which we have provided for your convenience. They are essentially identical to the Fedora kernels, except that the stack size was increased to 16K and the problematic 4G/4G patch removed.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum)
2.6.10-1.771_FC2 16M 8d98045335b02558acc4d81c77f7370e
2.6.10-1.771_FC2smp 15M 2aab1b857d4f64d8b4733500370ca24d
Source (avanced users only) 44M c77f493353990c19764aeac19b6a0b89
Source (avanced users only) 36M 5bae5757cde61bbfa551a05fe704fb51
2.6.10-1.770_FC2 16M 7e9e32558e6b9164155e2e41f57716a6
2.6.10-1.770_FC2smp 15M 03ce241693b1abd7e5293f3836e54712
Source (avanced users only) 44M 5e296604aea3d91e80ed19680fa49b9a
Source (avanced users only) 36M 861cd9cc773f0e854382a8196d8cb520

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