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Replacement Fedora Core 6 i686 kernels with 16K stack size

Please choose the package most closely matching your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

The default stack size in original Fedora Core 6 kernels is only 4K and the modem drivers are known to require more than that in some cases. You can either rebuild your own custom kernel, or install one of the "stk16" kernels below which we have provided for your convenience. They are essentially identical to the Fedora kernels, except that the stack size was increased to 16K.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum) 17M a46227550d2337c220b05e8b87ccd5a0
Development 4.1M 51b4cf1ca771f192af26f0a5fc337a75
Source (avanced users only) 45M 6c1921344396200516b3bce575ae975c 17M 75cdfc305f6727c0970e0dd34ce233cf
Development 4.1M a19ca386900ca4f5bd7a809aa8e02959
Source (avanced users only) 45M 41e66e1139fd14c5915d611046b1cfe4
2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 16M f0fa4fad8e4cec370939e7f0e24e845a
Development 4.1M 2b70249ac55de447dc15822b12bd9795
Source (avanced users only) 45M baaade9caf7bc3521fa9177726fccdc4

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