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DriverLoader (Wireless LAN) downloads for SuSE Linux x86 platform

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Please choose only the package matching exactly your system's kernel version below.

You can determine your kernel version with the following case-sensitive shell command:

uname -r

If your exact kernel version is not listed, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest available kernel for your distribution. If you are using a special enterprise/secure/SMP or custom (self-compiled) kernel, or the package does not work, you can try one of the generic packages with source instead.
Kernel version Filename Size MD5 Checksum (md5sum) 347K ec05cb5a314d6219e025875e11a193d8 347K e1a73db660a6e35671a327c8f8f6d846 344K e2ab5e2cefc22e860e15c285f8f79043 344K bd716aae7669c612557c24ea2264a7fe 343K fcdb73f25face6dd5fc88273013224cd 344K ce4ee400f28f99d720a43083d6771cfc 344K 6e872f7e8bc6b19d2baa68c699cf8051 343K 43a8f4f4a0a37687bc580d4baeddeaed 344K cecc77c4988e62ab43976c461ce2ad13 343K fce132c0f04df3ced1b66fca2f71f16c 344K 86a025213da5f3239f6c485d68b9fd71 343K 14614477c80a4ca2bb76d103e274a6d2 344K 139f27e854fd39587143f56de9a5c790 343K 673e45b7c3baeb9bbce073589453303e 344K 6fd77b1ed42289876bb85bd391d14948 343K 61c464fb3f35199768ef4503ed18c1fe 344K d43d3e9511641f5fa57f72eeeacaadc9 344K 70f1b2dcfa40ad63abcac72e43003494 340K 023f556890fcf86dc81ec639f8f6c0ba 340K 6fcd0979bd910bc41a6dc4dc8aeeff48 340K 98f32b41aed86b7dcbadc810647d6a9a 340K b3f43d68b846a4c9590cd19fb4739c59 341K 2121b087e80dc496a3d7b47b64949d61 340K 1dfbf79f58c3f165287149faa02d384f 341K 9e5d90476124ee320ffa8fabe48c8cc4 341K 7ec9747e8f9ce62fe08ebc95278110ef 341K fa04c449fdc56d82ee94fa0546f3cbeb 337K 75c21fa24422800fbdeb430fab1091a6 338K 7f7240c3a5d2e282ba22d2ba1a35b74a 337K 6bef7f272940f183e97c234fd2a3c124 338K ca75abd7acf4871ebc32f9a51a642bee 338K abcc3214cabb63c23a9556b3ed841b7b 338K 1889de7822161dde0b24e449f2ace0e0 337K 6d31d95e347633902bbcd24c9a997357 337K 54771ecec0b38483fffaea12ae7e01e0 342K 82c58ac7c39081eec5dac4871f020128 342K 1263aadfecdbf26c64892f296c064ac4 341K 7e15ed9dd99a6c2ce0f8c529128bf549 341K a451b5742224d8aca543791bbc793609 341K e6e7c37e703c93aae2b56211b52f3abf 337K 767540895854deb12d6f3450d69066e2 338K d8d519d93e884eb2332c948047f66dfc 337K e2f50f49fc90a25eab351349ad9463fd 337K 9d09d8ef422dfb0c8d6e0df86ccb5e72
2.6.13-15-default 336K 25652de0db678262fcc2430f2b141fbb
2.6.13-15-smp 337K acd4577eede26fe77779a46781b898e3 335K 51a1b76355a3262df1c3c06707cc997b 337K d5c2a97bf977ad6197ab4a47183c5249 334K b68f68b24e0797f69b965c50f42e2ab4 338K 77ae5c515e13ec522d422965edba97b0 335K 5e83e2c1a7cae0c4ea01e261cb8ffdfd 337K 26bfdf7a7a538c6db05e0e6ccd48158a 335K 26c982d0188c42f3683247ba1d8814bb 338K 8c970ed14286ff717af01af16827ec29 335K 843cf8f21244aa09275ee0bd8669e951 337K 9390d38c17fafe82025b1846a18cd3ad



User comment:

I have to say I am very impressed with the Linuxant driver. Finally getting Super-G/108Mbps mode running under Linux is great. I have been spending the day beating it up and testing it for reliability and speed.. I will purchase the driver for my own use and begin recommending it for business use at my company and my customers.

Christopher Gaul

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