[driverloader] Can't Set Mode!!

Nick Marques muzicman9382 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 22:18:50 EST 2004

I have an Intel Pro Wireless 2100, using the driverloader 1.54 and the 
latest drivers for Windows XP. The configuration was fine... when I type: 
iwconfig eth0 essid myessid mode Ad-hoc and press enter my system either 
reboots itself or I get a kernel panic along with hundreds of lines of text 
that I can't read cuz it scrolls to fast.

I had driverloader working just fine, so I know it works with my card. I 
reinstalled Slackware 9.1 and upgraded to Kernel 2.6 (which I had working 
before). Now I get this problem. I just did another reinstall to be sure it 
wasn't something I didn't do...

What's going on?? If I don't try to set the mode, there's no problems... but 
its an Ad-hoc network so I have to.

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