[driverloader] My wlan does not get an IP from DHCP

Urs Mueller newsuser at bf-net.ch
Sat Jan 3 11:31:59 EST 2004

Roberto Lists sagte:
> The AP is the DHCP server.

I did not see any dhcp-messages in the log. Are you sure, that
dhcp is activated on the AP. What kind of AP is it? Am I right,
that the AP is AP and also Router to the internet?
Are you receiving this "email warnings" that along the long
have been sent?

About the *smurf* you may watch:
http://cs.baylor.edu/~donahoo/NIUNet/smurf.html (or other
ressources you may find with your favorite search-engine).

> The DHCP gives a wierd message about  (that is the my
> laptops wired Ethernet,  I will shoot the details as soon as I can get
> the to the log.)  But regardless that should not be affecting the
> wireless card.

Not the solution, but you may try to set your card to a fixed-
adress in the network (eg /

> If I do ' ifdown eth0 '  (the Ethernet) and then turn the wlan on...I
> still don't get an IP.
> Is there anything else I could do or check?

The command for manually up/down with dhcp on SuSE is:
ifdown-dhcp "interface" and
ifup-dhcp "interface"

ifdown-dhcp wlan0

This does not only a up/down of the card, but sends also the
apropriate commands to the dhcp.

cu, Urs Mueller

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