[driverloader] Misc. problems with the driverloader module

Linuxant support support at linuxant.com
Mon Jan 5 17:37:05 EST 2004


please try with the latest Centrino driver ( to see if it helps. You
can get it from the following link.



Jean-Simon Durand
Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

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Subject: [driverloader] Misc. problems with the driverloader module


Distribution: Gentoo
kernel: 2.4.23-pac1
version: driverloader-1.54 (built from tarball)
Win drivers: 07/31/2003,
Hardware: IBM Thinkpad T40, with Intel Centrino 802.11b mini-PCI card

The wrapper works ok to the exceptions of a few (show stopper) issues (see

#1: After a couple hours of use:
Wifi stops working and i get "netndis_xmitcomplete_handler: err -5" syslog
messages, I have to unload and reload the driverloader module to have it
work again.
This has been happening since the first time I tried the driver, almost a
month ago. Since then I've upgraded it quite a few time, without any

#2: I just got the following syslog error, it recovered though:


Any chances on getting this fixed ? I plan to buy the wrapper, but only if
it's more stable; otherwise i'll just replace the mini-PCI card with one
that has native drivers.



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