[driverloader] Airport Extreme & Red Hat 9

Mat Ellis mat.ellis at mac.com
Wed Jan 7 15:24:44 EST 2004

I successfully got the Microsoft MN-730 card (based on Broadcom 54g 
chipset) to work with my Apple Extreme base station under RedHat 9 
(2.4.20-28.9), except when I introduced WEP. I tried all kinds of 
combinations, and spent a lot of time with iwconfig with no luck.

Then I saw another post (see 
about Suse & Airport Extreme which talked about the 'restricted' mode.

The FAQs suggest you add ' open' or ' restricted' after your WEP key. 
However, with my version of RedHat 9, this gave an error when you 
activated the interface. I tried to add this manually using iwconfig, 
and it seemed to remember the change, but somehow this didn't have the 
correct impact.

Instead, I had to hack the script 
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ipup-wireless to include this manually. 
Look for the line which reads:

iwconfig $DEVICE key $KEY

and amend to

iwconfig $DEVICE key $KEY restricted

This worked for me. Phew, that's half a day lost.

Perhaps the Linuxant folks can do something to deal with this, or at 
least add it to the FAQs?

Thanks to Sebastien Stormacq for knocking me out of my bang head 
against wall infinite loop.



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