[driverloader] fedora kernel update, driverloader update

Partha Bagchi partha at comcast.net
Tue Jan 13 18:22:23 EST 2004

I could not get driverloader to work on a newly loaded Fedora Core 1. I 
upgraded the kernel to 2.6.1 from Kernel.org. The driverloader worked 
fine. Mind you, I only use the tarball and compile it myself.

Jason Ronallo wrote:

> How soon after an announced kernel update does Linuxant usually 
> provide the updated driverloader rpm? What kind of commitment have 
> they made to keeping it current? Is there a email update sent out or 
> is the update information just posted to this list?
> When you update the kernel do you have to go through the _whole_ 
> driverloader install and card configuration process again? Maybe it 
> gets easier after the first time, but it did take me some time to get 
> it working properly.
> I'm also wondering if people have had luck getting driverloader to 
> work with arjanv's regular 2.6 kernel rpm's? I had no such luck either 
> with the generic rpm or with the tar package install. I'd like to use 
> the 2.6 kernel on my laptop because of the better ACPI built-in and 
> try to use ALSA amongst other things.
> Figured I'd ask before I buy.
> --Jason
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