[driverloader] fedora kernel update, driverloader update

Marc Boucher marc at linuxant.com
Tue Jan 13 16:41:20 EST 2004

Hi Jason,

Linuxant tries to provide pre-built binary packages for all current 
distribution kernels in a timely fashion. However there are times where 
the number and frequency of kernel updates is overwhelming (due to the 
discovery of security weaknesses and other bugs, or inherent nature of 
specific distributions like fedora which fluctuate a lot) and we wait a 
little for things to stabilize before releasing new packages. In such 
cases, users are generally able to use the generic packages which are 
not tied to any particular kernel versions but require gcc and 
kernel-source to be installed to dynamically build the modules for the 
currently running kernel.

With the generic package installed, it is generally sufficient to run 
"dldrconfig -ka" after a kernel update to rebuild the kernel modules. 
No re-installation or card reconfiguration should be necessary.

We have tested DriverLoader with arjanv's 2.6 kernel RPMs in the past, 
and it worked fine then.

Hope this helps,

Marc Boucher
Linuxant inc.

On Jan 13, 2004, at 4:30 PM, Jason Ronallo wrote:

> How soon after an announced kernel update does Linuxant usually 
> provide the updated driverloader rpm?  What kind of commitment have 
> they made to  keeping it current? Is there a email update sent out or 
> is the update information just posted to this list?
> When you update the kernel do you have to go through the _whole_ 
> driverloader install and card configuration process again?  Maybe it 
> gets easier after the first time, but it did take me some time to get 
> it working properly.
> I'm also wondering if people have had luck getting driverloader to 
> work with arjanv's regular 2.6 kernel rpm's?  I had no such luck 
> either with the generic rpm or with the tar package install.  I'd like 
> to use the 2.6 kernel on my laptop because of the better ACPI built-in 
> and try to use ALSA amongst other things.
> Figured I'd ask before I buy.
> --Jason
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