[driverloader] Suse 8.2 and D-Link DWL 510 PCI card..

Urs Mueller newsuser at bf-net.ch
Sun Jan 18 19:31:36 EST 2004

Sorry, I allways drop in the trap and answer directly to
questions instead of using the list...

> Eth0 and Eth1 are standard network cards, eth2 is the Dlink.
> What is the easiest way check the settings of the card.  I guess that
> once the driverloader is installed and the card detected by YAST, I
> should just be modifying the file directly?

On SuSE 9 only interfaces beginning with wlan* can changed with
yast (I mean the wlan parameters).
I would edit the ifcfg-eth2 directly.

> Does it matter if the card is set to wireless through YAST, or will this
> just confuse things?

If you can use yast, use it. If you can't set all parameters, go
directly to ifcfg-*.

> I now understand that iwlist scan is looking for available networks.  So
> the linux box sees the access point, but will not connect via it!

Yes, instead of using yast and rcnetwork restart, you may use
iwconfig "parameters" for testing and finding the correct settings.
After all works, write the configuration to the SusE files above.

Sincerely, Urs

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