[driverloader] Known problem question

Gavin S s7726 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 31 09:53:18 EST 2004

I have been experiencing the following known issue:
Some PCI cards based on Broadcom chipsets (most notably the Linksys WMP54G)
do not work properly in older machines. Symptoms are kernel
<http://www.kernel.org/>  messages like: NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:
ErrorCode=DRIVER_FAILURE NumberOfErrorValues=1 NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:
ErrorValue 0=0x103 and also "lspci -v" indicating '[virtual]' next to the
Memory setting after driverloader has been started
I was wondering if there is anyway to fix it. Is it an issue with the kernel
itself? is it a problem that may be solved in driverloader? Is the hardware
simply incompatible? Or is it another problem altogether?
I have experienced this with every version of driverloader to date.
Thank you for your help,
Gavin S.
s7726 at yahoo.com
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