[driverloader] Intel pro 2001 wireless

Urs Mueller newsuser at bf-net.ch
Mon Feb 2 19:33:48 EST 2004

kamran iranpour sagte:
> Hi
> I am a novice in linux. just got my first linux
> machine with suse 9. I have a wireless network card in

Are you using WEP with your access-point?
Does your access-point broadcast it's ESSID?
What does "iwlist scan" say?

> I can see access point wlan0 but otherwise I can not
> connect to the network. Here is the output of
> iwconfig:
> -------------------
> wlan0     IEEE 802.11-DS  ESSID:""  Nickname:"unknown"
>           Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412GHz  Bit
> Rate=11Mb/s
>           RTS thr=1600 B   Fragment thr=2344 B
>           Encryption key:off
> ------------------------------------

If you're using WEP, remember the key.
Start "YaSt" -> goto "Network" -> goto "Network card".
Enter the requiered data like "ESSID" (the "Name" of
your Access-Point) and the WEP key.
Save the data and leave YaST.
Then restart your machine or use "rcnetwork restart"
as user root.

> Using the ifup wlan0, I get:
> DHCP client is already running on wlan0

Looks good...

Greetings, Urs

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