[driverloader] Working: Suse 9 and DWL-650+ (ACX100)

lanthony at conjugon.com lanthony at conjugon.com
Tue Feb 10 12:30:59 EST 2004

I'm running Suse 9 with 2.4.21-144 kernel and have Driverloader working with
my D-Link
DWL-650+.  Interestingly, I was only able to get it to work with
Driverloader version 1.48
after unsuccessfully trying version 1.61.  With version 1.61, driverloader
recognized the
card and I was able to see my AP, but it would never receive an IP address
via DHCP.
Uninstalling and installing the older verion 1.48 immediately caused it to
receive an IP
and work perfectly.  Just my two cents.  Hopefully it helps someone else
with this card.
lcanthony at charter.net
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