[driverloader] wlan card disconnects automdatically after ca. 20 minutes

Riko Wichmann rikow at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 11 20:10:22 EST 2004

Hi again,

indeed that is, better was, a problem of the AP :) At
work, the connection was stable for a long time. After
goggling some, I found that my particular router at
home doesn't work with the centrino chips with exactly
the symptons I experienced. However, netgear offers a
firm ware upgrade for the MR814v2 which seems to fix
the problem. At least at this very moment i'm well
past the magic 20 minutes. :)

However, I still haven't figured out, how to start the
wlan device properly to automatically to also restart
the name service for card. Somehow, this seems not to
be update when starting the wlan card. Very confusing



 --- Sebastien Stormacq <sebastien.stormacq at sun.com>
schrieb: > Hello,
> I have kind of similar problem when using a
> corporate AP.
> @ Home, I don't have this problem at all ... I do
> suspect a problem on
> the corporate AP side ...
> My connection time is around 5 min and, the sequence
> ifdown eth1 ; rmmod driverloader ; modprobe
> driverloader ; ifup eth1
> restores the network
> hope this helps
> Seb

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