[driverloader] How to configure at startup?

Nick Marques muzicman9382 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 05:01:54 EST 2004

Ok.. My specs:

Driverloader 1.61 / Debian 3.0r2 / Kernel 2.6.2 / KDE 3.2 / Intel 
Pro/Wireless 2100B

Driverloader currently loads during kernel boot... however it hangs after it 
says the new link status is disconnected... then I press CTRL+C and it 
continues but loads fine...

I would like to know how to load the module without it hanging, and then... 
set the iwconfig essid to my essid value... and then start dhcpd... I 
replaced dhcp-client with dhcpcd becuase I was more familiar with it from 


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