[driverloader] speed problems - help plz!

sim0n simon at trypill.org
Sun Feb 15 21:22:52 EST 2004


i got a netgear wg511T.
the driver loads and the network works fine.
but it is damn slow!

i got a 108mbit card + AP.
if i do a iwlist eth1 rate, it outputs 108 as it should.
when i do a file transfer from the localnet, i get a maximum of ~1.6mb/s. 
under windows i get a minimum! of 7mb/s.

i checked dmesg for possible errors and saw this:
driverloader: NdisReadPciSlotInformation: FAILED (0x87) 06=0004

i'm using kernel 2.6.2.

could you plz help me?


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