[driverloader] driverloader-1.62 locks up laptop during boot

burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com burgeke at HQ.VerizonWireless.com
Thu Feb 19 12:52:32 EST 2004

Wow your right! Same here... IBM sys is 2.5MB, Tos less than a meg. 

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Keith > Intel 2100 mini pci card by chance? 
Yes, but read on...

Keith and Marc > Merci/Thank you for the quick response, I upgraded to 1.63
on 2.6.2-1.85, the ACER drivers ( I think) worked but these recent
Toshiba ones (btw the sys file is twice smaller... ?).
I haven't tried 2.6.2-1.87 yet, I will move to 2.6.3 directly.

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