[driverloader] driverloader-1.62 locks up laptop during boot

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Looks like the rev of the drivers found on Toshiba's web site also support
the 2100A in addition to the B. According to the release notes,
this is the only addition to the drivers. Agreed it seems strange that the
.sys is that much smaller. I will be giving it a whirl when I get home

Also here is Intel's versioning page if you are interested...

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Keith > Intel 2100 mini pci card by chance? 
Yes, but read on...

Keith and Marc > Merci/Thank you for the quick response, I upgraded to 1.63
on 2.6.2-1.85, the ACER drivers ( I think) worked but these recent
Toshiba ones (btw the sys file is twice smaller... ?).
I haven't tried 2.6.2-1.87 yet, I will move to 2.6.3 directly.

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