[driverloader] Re (2): Connectivity: wlan0 (SuSE 9)

x86processor genes46genes at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 10:57:11 EST 2004

Thanks for the quick reply!

Driverloader is installed correctly. I am able to see
the 'driverloader' from 'lsmod' output. I am also able
to see my access point when i do 'iwlist scanning'.

I did, 'ifdown wlan0' and then 'ifup wlan0' and I got
reply 'warning:using no encryption'. I think I got an
ip address (ipv6). 

Its no more a driver issue. But, how do i use wlan0? I
think it is now just a basic linux networking issue. I
did 'ifdown eth0' before bringing up wlan0.

My route table shows only two entries (netstat -nr),
both for eth0,

Destination    Gateway            eth0    eth0



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