[driverloader] Re: [Solved!] Constant, excessive disk activity with D-Link DWL-G650 rev B3

Vladimir G. Ivanovic vladimir at acm.org
Thu Mar 11 10:31:51 EST 2004

This list is wonderful! Just posting my problem to the list caused the
answer to pop into my head ;-)

I had some incorrect entries in /etc/modules.conf that conflicted with
the entries for my wireless card and driverloader. Fixing them quieted
my disk.

    alias 3c589_cs
    alias eth0 3c589_cs

    alias eth1 3c589_cs
    alias eth0 driverloader

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic                        http://leonora.org/~vladimir
2770 Cowper St.                                         vladimir at acm.org
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2447                                 +1 650 678 8014
>>>>> "vgi" == Vladimir G Ivanovic <vladimir at acm.org> writes:

    vgi> My disk is *constantly* active. I can shut the activity off with `ifdown
    vgi> eth0' ;-) 
    vgi> When I say constantly, I mean 200-300 KB/s and 30% CPU (according to
    vgi> gkrellm). This has a huge performance hit on my old, slow NEC Versa SX
    vgi> (300 MHz Pentium II, 256 MB, 40GB disk). It nearly, but not quite, makes
    vgi> the system unusable.
    vgi> I am running a fully updated Fedora Core 1 (2.4.22-1.2174.nptl kernel)
    vgi> How can I shut this needless disk activity off?
    vgi> Thanks.
    vgi> --- Vladimir
    vgi> P.S. More information, including the output of `dldrconfig --dumpdiag'
    vgi> gladly provided.

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