[driverloader] NdisReadPciSlotInformation: FAILED

Kim Nilsson kim.Nilsson at no-substitute.com
Sat Apr 3 09:30:42 EST 2004

I got it installed, but I keep getting an error message that is hogging 
my cpu.
Driver is trying to red PCI info in some way and it's failing.
Apr  3 09:16:03 box kernel: driverloader: NdisReadPciSlotInformation: 
FAILED (0x87) 06=c04cbe58

I get a couple different versions of same error message, and only 
differenceis the last part: 06=da6b5e90 , 06=c04cbe6c and the above 
I have no clue.

Interface seems to work (router temp offline so I can't verify), but it 
is so heavy on my system with this PCI-read I can't use it.


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