[driverloader] driverloader or madwifi

David Wood obsidian at panix.com
Fri May 28 13:07:29 EDT 2004

I wish I could say, "yes, driverloader," but keep in mind it may not
always go smoothly. Make sure people are actually using your hardware with
DL before you commit.

I have a DLink G520, and while DL is able to get it to run, use 108MB
superG and WPA (nothing else in Linux can do this), it only stays up for a
little while before going down again. Now in addition to this I am seeing
intermittent strange behavior and OOPSes, especially on shutdown.

I'm really anxious to get this to work. I would help myself, but with
these binary pieces (both DL and MW), you can't fix your own problems, and
are dependent on others to support you...

By the way, LinuxAnt folks, I last wrote to support about this on May
12 and I am waiting hopefully for an answer... what can we try next?

What can I do to help you help me? Has a G520 RevB ever worked with
Driverloader? Please help.

On Thu, 27 May 2004, Brian Kurle wrote:

> I guess it all depends upon where the money goes.  You either pay 20 bux
> for the driverloader plus your cheap card, or you get the expensive card
> but free drivers.
> also, it really really does depend upon the card you get.  I've got a
> 2200BG card that I had been using driverloader, but since I heavily work
> with the kernel, I've run into the problems posted here many times.  So,
> I've been closely monitoring the ipw2100-devel list.
> I have the Dlink DWL-G650 and have used madwifi with it and it works
> wonderfully (even with encryption).
> But, I'd love to use my Centrino chip and continue heavy
> experimentation... thus I monitor this and several other lists.
> If you've got a fairly static environment and the cost of your cheap
> card plus the cost of driverloader is less than the cost of the DLink
> card, then the driverloader route may be the better route to go.
> On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 20:36, Bob Lockie wrote:
> > I am going to be buying a wifi card.
> > I can buy an expensive dlink which is supported by madwifi or a cheap
> > xterasys that is not supported by madwifi but is supported y driverloader.
> >
> > I think madwifi uses a closed source binary interface so my question is
> > what is the difference between that and driveloader?
> > Are there any performance benefits to using driverloader?
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