[driverloader] Belkin F5D7000 and Red Hat 9 [eid-20040531-c48]

Dave Lichtenstein dave at electricseaturtle.com
Wed Jun 2 02:23:32 EDT 2004

Thanks. That got things working...almost. Driverloader seems to have
loaded fine. I completed the configuration with the web interface. My
wireless pci card is recognized. Dldrconfig lists valid info and my
license status is "OK". My wireless AP is listed under iwlist scan.
(Sorry if this information is not exact. I still don't have an internet
connection from Linux so I'm doing this from memory.) *However*, I still
can't access anything on my network. The wireless device is not listed
under network devices (using neat). I've tried to add a new wireless
connection but my adaptor isn't listed and there's no way to specify
wlan0 (just eth0, eth1, etc.) (I don't know that that's important.) (I
have an Ethernet card in another pci slot. It shows as eth0. Don't know
if this is important.)

So, what do I do now? Should this wireless device be listed as a network
device? I assume so. How do I configure it? 



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you obtain many unresolved symbols while inserting the DriverLoader
into your kernel. Since you have recompiled your kernel, this is
the cause of the problem.

To fix this problem, please remove the DriverLoader package you have
installed with the 'rpm -e driverloader' command in a root shell. Then,
download and install the "Generic package with sources" in RPM format
the following address


When you will install the package, the module will automatically be
compiled and installed for you if you have installed the packages
in the last paragraph.

If the compilation failed at installation, please use the 'dldrconfig
--kernel' command in a root shell to try again to compile the module.

Please let us know if you require more assistance.



Technical specialist / Linuxant


support at linuxant.com

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Subject: RE: [driverloader] Belkin F5D7000 and Red Hat 9

Thanks very much for helping me though this, Jonathan! I realize this

may be a complicated undertaking for someone new to Linux. But

connecting to a network is a basic step these days and wireless is

becoming quite prevalent.

In any case, as I said in my previous post, the iwconfig command is

recognized so I think wireless tools is/are installed. And, as you

stated, I would have received an unresolved dependency error when

installing driverloader which apparently I didn't receive.

In any event, I've attached my driverloaderdiag.txt file. Hopefully this

will help us pinpoint the problem.

I'm excited to get this working and to be rid of (crashy, bloaty)




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Subject: Re: [driverloader] Belkin F5D7000 and Red Hat 9


as Bob suggested, please make sure that you are in a root shell while


the 'iwconfig' command. If you 'path' is not correctly set, it is


that you will have to use the '/sbin/iwconfig' command instead.

The 'wireless-tools' package is not documented in the installation 

instructions because if you try to install the RPM without the 

'wireless-tools' package, you will obtain an 'unresolved dependency'


for the 'wireless-tools' package. The 'wireless-tools' package contains


'iwconfig' program.

Since the real cause of the problem can't be determined without more 

information, please send at support at linuxant.com a 'dumpdiag'. While the

DriverLoader package is installed and your wireless adapter is attached


your computer, enter the following command in a root shell:


dldrconfig --dumpdiag


Just send us the generated file located in /tmp


It'll help us solve the problem.



Technical specialist / Linuxant


support at linuxant.com

On Sunday 30 May 2004 14:58, Bob Lockie wrote:

> On 05/28/04 20:22 Dave Lichtenstein spoke:

> > I'm trying to get the Belkin F5D7000 card to work with Linux Red hat


> > (v2.4.20-8) using the driverloader. Driverloader installed fine, I

> > think. But in the configuration screen (at localhost:18020) the pci


> > is not recognized. I notice that the card is not powered up (no LED)

> > under Linux as it is automatically under Windows XP. I assume this


> > the problem? How do I tell Linux to power up the card? Seems like a

> > chicken-and-egg scenario. I haven't done any recompilation of the


> > as I've seen suggested on various newsgroups, but this wasn't


> > at all on the linuxant install documentation page. Also, it could be

> > that wireless tools isn't installed. (Why is there no mention of how


> > do this on the driverloader install doc page??) For example,


> > isn't recognized. But when I try to install the wireless-tools rpm


> > my linux cd I get the message that wireless-tools is already



>  From a command prompt as the root user, do:

> 'find / -name iwconfig -print'.


> I suspect iwconfig is in /usr/sbin or something not in the path and


> probably need to be the root user to run it.

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