[driverloader] Belkin 802.11g Mandrake 9.2

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Mon Jun 7 14:02:48 EDT 2004


as you mentioned, this is a known problem with Mandrakelinux. It affect only a 
few users and either the problem is that you can only configure the wireless 
interface as a wired LAN interface or you can't configure the wireless 
interface at all using the Mandrake Control Center.

For the rest of this post, please replace $dev with the name of your wireless 
interface, for example, eth1, wlan0, etc...

Please edit the file '/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-$dev' and this file 
should look like this if you use DHCP to obtain your IP information and you 
try to connect to an access point :


You should replace $essid with the ESSID of the access point you want to 
connect to. If you need WEP, you can add the 'KEY' variable to the previous 
file and the format of the key is described in the manual page of 'iwconfig'. 
For example :

KEY='1234-5678-9A restricted'

The format of the previous file is only for Mandrake 9.2 and prior versions. 
Mandrakelinux 10 uses a sightly different file format.

Finally, you will be able to activate the wireless interface with the 
following commands in a root shell :

ifdown $dev
ifup $dev

If you require more assistance, please send at support at linuxant.com the output 
of 'dumpdiag'. Type the following in a root shell:

dldrconfig --dumpdiag

Just send us the generated file located in /tmp ('driverloaderdiag.txt').
It'll help us solve the problem.


Technical specialist / Linuxant
support at linuxant.com

On Monday 07 June 2004 11:17, William H. Roberts wrote:
> Installed Driverloader on  Dell XPS R400,  Mandrake 9.2, Belkin f5d7000
> wireless card.  Can configure with iwconfig  and  reach  Belkin wireless
> router but  Drakconnect utility will not find card which is defined as
> eth0 and so can't configure wlan or internet connection.  I see this is
> not an unknown problem but can't find definitive fix.
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