[driverloader] How do I patch my own kernel?

Rob Ferber rferber at via.net
Mon Jul 19 13:34:06 EDT 2004


    In 2.6.7, I found the "CONFIG_4KSTACKS" parameter, and set it to 
"no" ("not set"). I didn't find this in the 2.6.5 kernel shipped by 
Fedora, and still am unsure of what the remaining two patches mentioned 
are about and how to add them into a generic kernel. So, my question is 
this: what is the complete list of patches (what files do I need to 
touch?) to make a generic kernel tree compile a kernel that can safely 
load the Intel/Centrino 2200BG driver?

    Right now, the computer freezes one to a few seconds after loading 
driverloader. Any help would be appreciated,

    -- Rob Ferber 
    rferber at via.net

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