[driverloader] driverloader and usr805410

Cristiano De Michele demichel at na.infn.it
Fri Jul 30 04:19:02 EDT 2004

driverloader 1.76 works fine for me without 
stack workaround with my USR805410 pcmcia card (using
latest driver 6.0b12) on a 2.4.26 kernel (+swsusp-
+acpi patch+cpufreq).

Anyway I have only following two things to remark:

1) first time I load driverloader I get following 
   Unknown reset request 0
   but only first time,i.e. if I unload module and I reload
   it, message disappears.

2) it seems power management does not work properly because
   I don't notice, enabling power management through iwconfig,
   any power consumption reduction and any
   performance loss, as I should expect when power management
   is properly enabled.

best regards,
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