[driverloader] Newer versions of driverloader don't work ?

Daniel Brunski thebouleoffools at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 23:05:21 EDT 2004

Everything up till version 1.64 has worked great for me. Anything past
that, and when I try to run the webconfig utility, it says my card
cannot be found or is not supported. I've tried reloading the drivers
and the driverloader module several times, rebooting, smacking the
screen... What gives?

My card is an internal pci Dell Trumobile 1300, which is a Broadcom
somethingorother chipset. Running kernel 2.6.3-r2.

I guess I don't have to run the most recent version, but it sure would
be nice to have whatever latest fixes and what not. I'm not doing
anything different than I was with previous versions.

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