[driverloader] Upload Windows Drivers

thomasrwt at comcast.net thomasrwt at comcast.net
Sun Sep 26 06:14:14 EDT 2004

I'm very new to the Linux world, so please spell out explicitly any steps I need to take so I don't get lost!

I have installed Driverloader on my Dell Inspiron with Truemobile 1300 card. I have an alias set up for eth1 and it loads on startup. However, I have to go back to http://localhost:18020 each time I reboot to upload the windows files again. As soon as I upload them, I'm off and running again. How do I make them stay? Do I have them in the wrong spot?

I'm still on my trial license. I love the flexibility of the Driverloader, but it is annoying to have to upload every time. Please help.

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