[driverloader] Upload Windows Drivers

Stefan Patric tootek2 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 26 21:55:02 EDT 2004

--- thomasrwt at comcast.net wrote:

> I'm very new to the Linux world, so please spell out
> explicitly any steps I need to take so I don't get
> lost!
> I have installed Driverloader on my Dell Inspiron
> with Truemobile 1300 card. I have an alias set up
> for eth1 and it loads on startup. However, I have to
> go back to http://localhost:18020 each time I reboot
> to upload the windows files again. As soon as I
> upload them, I'm off and running again. How do I
> make them stay? Do I have them in the wrong spot?

The Windows drivers for my wireless card are on the
hard drive in /var/lib/driverloader, which is where
the driverloader installer put them when I initially
did my install.

In a terminal window, do "ls /var/lib" (no quotes) to
see if there is a driverloader directory there.  If
not, then do "locate driverloader" to find ALL
occurances of "driverloader."  If "locate" doesn't do
anything, the locate database probably hasn't been
initialized.  As root: "slocate -u" to create one.

"man ls" and "man slocate" for the details.

It sounds like your drivers are being deleted when you
shutdown your system or they are being installed in
RAM.  Or they are just installed in the wrong place.


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