[driverloader] Question ...

Jelle Vanhove gt500_be at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 7 01:03:16 EST 2005

Hey peepz,

i have driverloader installed and working :D That's not the problem ....
The problem is , when i startup Ubuntu , i allways have to set my WEP key 
via 'iwconfig eth1 enc s:myasciiwepkey and then activate my card via 
network-admin (program in ubuntu for network interfaces)
Ubuntu uses Gnome as x interface ...

Now , my qeustion was , is there any other way , so i don't allways have to 
do this when i boot ?

And another thing ,when i shut down my system , it reports something like 
"kernel panic ..."
I couldn't figure out why it does that ...


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