[driverloader] hp zv5000 broadcom BCMWL5

Wally Barnum wbarnum at control4.com
Mon Mar 28 21:02:54 EST 2005

I have an hp zv5000 notebook with a broadcom BCMWL5 wireless b/g card in
it.   The notebook is not an AMD64, but an Intell 3.00 Mhz P4 Using
Driverloader, I was able to get the hardware working so that it sees
accesspoints and I can use network-config in Gnome.  Wnen I try to make
it associate with an access point and get a dchp IP address, it does not
work.  Ifconfig shows the hardware being there, but no IP address. (I
don't really know if I am associated to the accesspoint or not, just
that dhcp did not work.)  I also see some sort of IPv6 to IPv4 adaptor
that is new.    


Any ideas what could be wrong?



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