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the only available documentation is currently what is provided in the 
'wpa_supplicant' package. It is possible however that we will provide in 
the future an easier to install 'wpa_supplicant' package.

To make the starting of the wpa_supplicant daemon easier, please name 
your wpa_supplicant daemon binary '/usr/sbin/dldr_wpa_supplicant' and 
please name your wpa_supplicant configuration file 
'/etc/driverloader/dldr_wpa_supplicant.<iface>.conf'. For example, if 
you wireless interface is named 'wlan0', the file name becomes 

When these files will be in place, the wpa_supplicant daemon will 
automatically be started when you will use the 'ifup' command in a root 
shell. This command is used after a reboot to bring up your wireless 
interface so it should also automatically work after a reboot.


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support at linuxant.com

Kevin wrote:
> I tried reading through the files included in the
> INSTALL directory, but they went right over my head. 
> I got lost in the configuration step.  Is there a way
> I can download a pre-configured version so that I can
> get wpa_supplicant to work?  After I have things
> configured, what is the next step?  Is there a guide
> somewhere that can walk me through this?
> Thanks!
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