[driverloader] Problem with suspending to RAM after installing DriverLoader

Henrik Nilsson nhn at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Fri Aug 12 13:01:15 EDT 2005


I'm running Fedora Core 4 on a Dell Latitude D600. My kernel is
2.6.12-1.1398_FC4 configured as shipped
(configs/kernel-2.6.12-i686.config), except that the touchpad/stick
driver has been modified a tiny little bit to make the touchpad/stick
work when the machine is restarted after a suspend (to RAM).

I'm having problems with suspend to RAM after having installed
DriverLoader, used to load a driver for my TrueMobile 1300
wireless ethernet card. When trying to suspend, five tasks refuse
to stop:


However, if I first issue the command "dldrconf --rcstop" once, the
problem goes away completely. I.e. after this, I can enable
the network and resume and suspend as often as I like without any
further action. But once I reboot, I again am unable to suspend
until I've issued the commend "dldrconf --rcstop" once.

It seems as if issuing the command "dldrstop" is NOT enough to
make the problem go away, but I have only tried that command once
so I cannot say with reasonable certainty whether there is any
real difference between these two commands, or whether the
behavior is somewhat non-deterministic.

However, so far, whenever I have rebooted, I'm having the problem,
and whenever I've issued the command "dldrconf --rcstop" the
problem appears to go away completely.

I'm also seeing another side effect of the driver loader installation:
an attempt is made to start the PCMCIA services twice. However, this 
problem has already been reported to this mailing list, and editing
"/usr/sbin/dldrconfig" as suggested to avoid it starting the PCMCIA
services did indeed solve this issue for me as well.

Initially, although a long shot, I thought the above two issues just
might be related, but the first problem unsurprisingly persists
despite the fix to dldrconfig.

Best regards,


Henrik Nilsson
School of Computer Science and Information Technology
The University of Nottingham
nhn at cs.nott.ac.uk

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